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Here are a few pages related to type and type design, and to this site.

  • Links to type sites and other design sites

  • A page for a munchfonts demoware Mac typeface font with sample glyphs from each Munchfonts typeface

  • A report page for the study of the industrious chipmunk population around the studio

  • Some basic background information about the artist and his education and work

  • A Colophon about the making (and remaking) of the site

  • A page with links to small files in MM Flash format

  • Pages to supplement an HTML markup course at Norwalk Community College

  • Photos from TypeCon 2003 Minneapolis

  • Photos from TypeCon 2004 San Francisco

  • Flash Toys made by my senior graphic design studio students at the University of Bridgeport in Fall 2008

The following will open in a new browser window.

  • Typo-L site for the electronic mailing list for typographic discussions

  • TypoMisc page for my responses to queries and quandaries brought out in discussions on the two type lists, Typo-L and Type Design