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This software font program is provided here as a sampler of the typefaces here on the Munchfonts web site.

The .sit package contains TrueType and PostScript fonts, and accompanying documents. It is available for Macintosh only.

For the complete TrueType or PostScript fonts, use the Ordering link in any window.

By downloading these fonts, you are consenting to the terms of the following demoware agreement:
Thank you for selecting a GM MunchFonts software typeface for use with your Apple Macintosh computer system. This software font program is provided to you only for evaluation purposes. You may use it to print a test sheet to evaluate the letterforms, but any other use is forbidden. Should you wish to use the original outline fonts, email
with the typeface name in the subject line.
Thanks again for trying these typefaces, but remember that the user assumes all risks inherent in using this software; and that this font and its variants are
1993-98 by Gary Munch and are his creative intellectual property.
The software may not be distributed except direct from this page of the Munchfonts web site; and it may not be distributed online or by CD-ROM or disk collection or any other method without express written permission of the artist.
Should these fonts be used for any purpose other than a test sheet, the user is obligated to pay the licensing fee. Any use other than is strictly forbidden. The software may not be examined by font readers/editors, transformed by converters, or altered in any way with out express written permission of the artist.

Copyrighted and trademarked names used in this document are used solely for informative, educational purposes and do not necessarily express the opinions of the copyright and trademark holders.

You may need to hold the Option key while clicking on the download link

Download Munchfonts.sit.hqx