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A colophon tells about the physical construction of a book. Here are the tools used in making and maintaining this site.

These pages were composed in HTML Web Weaver 3.0 running on a now-antique Apple Power Macintosh 6100/60AV 250HD/40MB RAM equipped with an iomega Zip drive, a 2Gig Apple SCSI harddrive, and an Apple 17"MultiSync monitor generally set to 19" emulation, now accompanied by a 15" Radius portrait monitor.

The HTML markup was checked in iCab for syntactical errors according to the 4.01 Transitional doctype.

No JavaScripts were used or harmed in the production of this site, so that your viewing experience might be as quick and responsive as possible.

A modest stylesheet is now used to bring the site pages up to 2002 standards

Portraits and pictures were taken with a Sony 8mm video camera and imported with Apple's video card, and manipulated in MicroFrontier's Color It! painting and image enhancing software.

The typefaces were made in Macromedia Fontographer.

Images of the typefaces were set in Color It! 3.2 PPC and saved as transparent .gifs.

Flash files were set in Macromedia Flash 4 and saved as Flash 4 .swf files.


The use of copyrighted names and trademarks here is for instructional purposes only; they are and remain the property of their respective owners and companies.