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Here are some scans of photographs from Peckville, in Shelburne, Mass. way back in the 1930s and 1940s that show the children of Roger and Lula (Davis) Peck.

Those children are by age: Winfield, Jeanne, Gertrude (Trudy), and Priscilla.

Some of these are large files over a megabyte.

They were curated from the album of pictures kept by Priscilla (Peck) Munch, in Stamford, Connecticut on the occasion of the celebration of the life of Gertrude Trudy Peck Finck of Shelburne, MA. on Saturday the twenty-sixth of June 2010.

In loving memory.

  • Win, Jeanne, Gert, and Pris on the lawn of the housethatburned.
  • Win, Jeanne, Gert, and Pris on the lawn of the housethatburned. A wide view.
  • Priscilla and Gertrude.
  • At the Pond. Here the sisters are joined by Lois, Winfield's wife. Standing second from left, Lois; next Gert, then Jeanne; (unknown). Priscilla is either standing far left, or seated, rightmost visible. She says she's at left!
  • Porch of Pecks: rear, Gert with Bonnie (Jeanne & Bob), Pris, Win, Bob (Jeanne's husband); front, Jeanne with Cheryl, Lois with Jonathan (Win & Lois), Rose (Roger), Roger with Candice (Win & Lois)
  • School Picture: Gert and Pris are in the middle row, Gert at center, Pris second to the right, of this picture of the AP classes (French, Maths, etc.) of Arms Academy, Shelburne Falls, Classes of '45, '46, '47.
  • Gertrude's coat in Winter.
  • A Wedding in Bedford: Little Rosie (Linda Munch-Peck Kalish) had the aunts and uncles for her wedding to Mark Kalish in Bedford, NY (north of Stamford, CT). Seated, Trudy and her Gordon, Charlie (Nelda's husband), Priscilla, mother of the bride, Winfield, and Roger; standing, Nelda Peck, sister of Roger so aunt to Gert, Pris, Win; Robert, Pris's husband. 1982.

Time it was, and what a time it was; it was
a time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you.
— Simon & Garfunkel

Here are some more pictures, from the '50s and '60s of Pecks and all.