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This is a selection of web links of interest to anyone involved in typography and type design. It is by no means exhaustive, and apologies to anyone who is omitted.
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Publish Magazine

An online version of the print magazine that keeps up with changing trends in the field of electronic design in web and paper publishing.

Serif/San Serif

Online version of Serif Magazine; links for type events and happenings.


A new site (2000) on the history and development of type and typography.

Cary Graphic Arts at RIT

History and development of type and typography at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography

A Cooper Union site for the study of type.


Dedicated to copyright protection for type fonts, software, and their creators.

Will-Harris House

Daniel Will-Harris's wry site for design and webbing, and computing developments; also an essential resource on chipmunks and their habits. Here's how Binkie (w/~28K jpeg), and an easterly tribe are doing...

Net Objects Fusion

D W-H Also maintains this site for web development software -- and uses GM Nanogram extensively in the site graphics!

comp.fonts FAQ

The faqs for an online group that used to be more than it is. Ah well. Though the information in this faq is aging, most all of it is still valid. Worth a look.


A small Munchfonts page dealing with occasional visual responses to questions about type.


Linotype Library GmbH

Pages for typography and imaging technology. LL is a leader in type design and production, and is heir to over a hundred years of fine typefaces. Their offerings are on CD for Mac or PC.
The Linotype Library carries several MunchFonts: the Ergo family, Finerliner, and now Really.


FontHaus has thousands of nifty fonts on CD and disk.
They also carry several MunchFonts: PepRally, Nanogram, UrbanScrawl.


Another large type house.


Another large and historical type house Merged with Agfa, their Creative Alliance line is a collection of new typefaces form contemporary designers.

ITC (International Typeface Corporation)

You know their faces, they're all around you. They make the '70s, '80s, '90s look like they do.


David Berlow and Co., making some of the best of contemporary typefaces.


Adobe invented Postscript, and with Apple's Macintosh, changed the world of type and printing.


Tiro TypeWorks

An excellently classical design adapted here to the web's format constraints. Classic faces, too.

Alessio Leonardi

Home site of the designer of many Linotype faces, including Ha Manga and Cool Wool.

The Hoefler Type Foundry

Maker of many faces found in very influential magazines and publications.


Segura, anyone? But you need to have Shockwave enabled.

Brian Sooy and Co.

Maker of interesting text and display fonts, several of which are Multiple Master.


A major force in the typographic arts, creators of a unique way of looking at and designing letters.

Galápagos Design Group

Home of Dennis Pasternak, creator of Baltus, Maiandra, Chianti.


The van Blokland site, where you can get -- yes, the Trixie X from The X-Files! FlipperFonts and Beowulf, too.

Porchez Typefonderie

Typefaces for French newspapers, and beyond, and articles on type design and production.

Parkinson Type Design

Fresh designs for newspapers and advertising from Jim Parkinson.

Jill Bell

Lettering, Calligraphics, and fresh typefaces from Jill.

Phil's Fonts

Lots and Lots of Fonts from Phil!

Kent Lew Design & Illustration

Creator of Whitman, a text face winner in the TDC2 2002 type design competition.

Milo Ivar

Nice Display fonts, and results of research into screen and print requirements (auf Deutsch, doch) of type.

Gunnlaugur SE Briem

A quiet site for calligraphy and italic handwriting, with a selection of some very elegant typefaces, including one for a major newspaper.
In Icelandic and English


Unicode Consortium

Unicode promises universal access to all the characters in each of the world's many script systems. Will it deliver?

Yamada Language Guides

Need an exotic non-roman font? This is the place to start your search.



Cyrillic is used by much of the European and Asian continent. Here's the makers and designers of many Cyrillics available.


Adam Twardoch's site is dedicated to the adaption of typefaces to the requirements of Central and Eastern European languages. His PDF on Polish diacritics is essential reading.


Looking perhaps for a Gaelic face? Michael Everson is busy too with Unicode proposals for adding a huge number of obscure characters to the standards.

International Phonetic Association

The how-to's for transcribing any sound of a language using a precise set of characters.


Vellum Gallery

Before electronics, before lead, letters were made by hand. Here's a display of contemporary calligraphy with links to other calligraphy sites.


Get the latest on the greatest tool for making fonts of your own.


Very popular on the PC, now on the Mac! A great technical tool.

Apple Font Site

A small site for Macintosh-based font design--TrueType specs, font tools, and the only freely-available font editor around -yes, it's Royal-T, the in-house font editor for 68K and PPC Mac processors.

Apple Computer

Hometown for my Machotosh. Get the lowdown and the intake on what's up at Apple, makers of my favorite OS, and creators of TrueType

TrueType Typography

Laurence Penney's very informative site dedicated to the use and development of TrueType typefaces.


Adobe and Apple together created the desktop revolution. See what they have for your text and illustration projects.

Microsoft Typography

Lots of resources for making TrueType, and several precision- hinted TrueType fonts.



Homepage for the Typo-L mailing list; a very active group of very opinionated, informed, and vocal typophiends.

The Association Typographique Internationale

The major organization for type design and type users. 'Most all the big guys are members, so the conferences are a great place to rub elbows and talk type.

SOTA: Society of Typographic Aficionados

The Rochester conference was a great success, bigger, better, internationally attended. Great time.

Typo Circle

A typophile group in the UK. Sort of a Type Directors Club in London...

Type Directors Club

A typophile group in the US. Sort of a Typo Circle in New York...

Yale C/AIM

Yale University has a very good guide for using html to markup documents for the web. The focus is on speed, organization, and access; not spectacle.



Some friends here in Stamford in the publicity business.

EselFreunde DE

A very unusual way to relax, after a hard day swinging Beziers!


Support shareware authors; register your copies.

Fabien Octave's Be Hierarchic

A marvelous replacement for the factory-issue Apple Menu Options -- Cruise to every disk, partition, folder, and file with one mouse click. Shareware.

Turly's Finder Pop

One-click Contextual Menu access to Everything on your Mac -- perfect accompaniment to BeHierarchic. Pintware.

Guenther Blaschek's Pop Char

A menu-bar character palette that gives instant access to those seldom used accents and math symbols. An excellent way to learn them, too. Absolutely essential, you must have this. Freeware for PopChar Lite; payware for PopChar Pro.

Greg's Shareware

Now with Kaleidoscope, the way to make your Mac Look Different. Scadzillions of schemes are available to use with Kaleidoscope. Shareware.


By far the most complete and best of the Mac news sites, with current links to lots of Mac sites, wire services, and update sites, each link with capsule summaries.



A jump-point to sites composed by GM.