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TypeCon 2003


These are images from TypeCon 2003, in Minneapolis, MinneSoTA sponsored by SoTA. They've all been reduced to a standard 432x324 pixel size. If you'd like larger, higher-resolution files of one special image, contact me.

These images are pretty weird; I'm still getting used ot the magic of digital snappery. The camera arrived the day before the trip.

Due to the sheer number of images, they are not set into HTML pages, so have no navigation in the pages to return to this listing; use the Back feature of your browser instead.

Book Arts workshops, Thursday

Book Arts and hotel party bar, Friday

More Book Arts party times, and hotel sites, Friday

Walker Arts evening

Saturday and Sunday, and Monday morning

Well, that's it! Next conference, I'll be better at holding still while the cammy decides to take its time taking the shots.