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Please read and understand this agreement before ordering this typeface font software


Thank you for selecting GM Munchfonts Typeface Font Software for use with your computer system. This outline font is licenseware. The fee paid is for license to use these fonts on two computers concurrently, and on one printer or imagesetter serially.

§1 User Risk

The user assumes all risks inherent in using this or any software. The user has purchased a license to use this font software, and owns the substrate on which it is recorded but not the software itself, which is owned by Munchfonts (Gary Munch Calligrapher).

§2 Font Software Usage

The font software may be used on two computers concurrently, and two printers and image setters serially. The license holder may use the font software at a service bureau provided the service bureau agrees to remove and does remove the font software completely after processing of the licensee's documents.

§3 Non-Distribution

The font software may not be distributed in any manner including online or by CD-ROM or disk collection or any other method including methods of font embedding such as but not restricted to PDF or TrueDoc files without express written permission of the artist. Because such distribution seriously depreciates the user investment in unique typeface design font software when the software is exposed to potential bootlegging and piracy.

§4 Transfer of Software

Should the holding of this license for the font software be transferred to another person or entity, all existing copies and backups of the font software must be destroyed by the transferring party, or else also transferred to the receiving party; this document must accompany the transferred software.

Receiving parties must agree also to abide by these licensing terms before transfer is made, and agree to contact Munchfonts to register the transfer of the font software.

§5 Termination of License

This licensing agreement is in effect until termination or transfer of the license to another party as outlined in §4. Violation of the agreement requires the licensee to destroy all (erase) copies of the font software including but not restricted to: backup copies, service bureau copies, loaner copies that were copied from the licensed font software.

This agreement may be terminated by the licensee by erasure of all copies of the licensed font software including but not restricted to backup copies, service bureau copies, loaner copies, archived "Stuffed" and "Zipped and "tar" and other compression archiving copies.

§6 No Alterations

Alterations of the software may adversely affect the functioning of the software. The software may not be examined by font readers/editors, transformed by converters, or altered in any way without express written permission of the artist. Should additional glyphs or characters be needed, contact Munchfonts for customization.

§7 Intellectual Property

Duomo and their variants are copyright 1994 by Gary Munch and are his creative intellectual property.

§8 User and Artist Contact

Contact with the artist is encouraged and recommended for inclusion in bulletins and information on extensions, additions and updates to Munchfonts typeface font software.

Gary Munch Calligrapher
54 Lolly Lane
Stamford, CT 06903 USA

Include your address or eddress for quick updates of these fonts. Email to the eddresses below with your comments and suggestions.

see : <http://www.munchfonts.com/> for a look at other Munchfonts

Licensee information is private, and will not be passed along in any form, including but not restricted to: demographic, financial, or personal. Such information that the licensee provides will be used for internal Munchfonts purposes only.

§9 Governance

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut. Any action pertinent to this agreement will be carried out in that state.

§10 US Government Restricted Rights

The Software and documentation is provided with Restricted Rights. Use, duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subdivision (b) (3) (ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software Clause at 252.227-7013.

Contractor & manufacturer is Munchfonts Gary Munch Calligrapher 54 Lolly Lane Stamford CT 06903 USA.

Copyrighted and trademarked names used in this document are used solely for informative, educational purposes and do not necessarily express the opinions of or endorsement by the copyright and trademark holders. Apple and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer.

Accept and agree to these terms
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