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GM Duomo


Born in the Tuscan sun, inspired by Gothic winds, Italian Rotunda has a bright yet sober voice suited to ritual and ceremonial documents.

Mediæval and Renaissance scribes used it for maximum readability in large missals (church songbooks); its large x-height ensured visibility for the many singers who used the one manuscript book. It has wider and less-angular letterforms than other Gothic era scripts, all reflecting a more spacious approach to writing and the arts of the period. The broken-round arcades of the minuscule reflect the prevalent architecture of the area, which stressed verticality less, and, therefore, used lower and less-pointed arches than the more familiar Northern Gothic style.

GM Duomo is a new rendering of the Italian Rotunda. There are two sets of majuscules -- plain and ornate -- and several ornaments, line-endings and bordering parts. There are two styles, one Regular for setting display lines and names across a wide page, and the other, Condensed for setting columns of text on the same wide page. Need a change from the same ol' Olde English blackletter? Use GM Duomo for distinctive documents and certificates.