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July 2004

An upgrade to the CSS presentation system.

July 2003

In the Extras section:

New in 2003 is a section of photos from TypeCon 2003, in Minneapolis, MinneSoTA

Added somewhat earlier is a supplementary section on writing HTML, the language used to make most of the Web. This is from a class I taught several times at a local community college.

March 2002

Some revisions to the linking structure, along with individual ordering pages for each typeface family.

New Flash elements allow tryout settings for each regular weight of the typefaces.

March 2001

New Bottles for Old Wine. A complete restructuring of the MunchFonts web site to avoid the multitude of problems that Frames brings. The site should now be easier to navigate, easier to bookmark, and easier to load.

A new section of Flash files has been added, with texual content for showing the typefaces in ample settings.

June 2000

Ta Da. A new text family from munchfonts will be released for Summer 2000 by Linotype Library GmbH. Preview Really in the [T] Text area.

July 1999

Very busy with new variations for the Ergo family, especially the Condensed, Cyrillic and Greek; on the [T] Text menu. In addition, a new text face family is in preparation for the Fall of 1999.

February 1999

It's been a while since the last update, and Fall has come and gone, and Winter is nearly over.

New to the site are links to online purchasing at Makambo.com, where several select Munchfonts are available as families or as individual typepfaces. Links are provided for each face from here to Makambo on the typefaces' [] 'Download' button, on the [&] Extras menu, the [$] Ordering menus, the [$] Ordering - Price List, as well as on the [§] Contents page. Makambo.com links are all over the place, so if you see something you want for your Mac, take advantage of them!

Also, updates to old links have been made in the [&] Extras - Links section.

August 1998

Added a small Shockwave Flash section, showing selected typefaces in super-duper Flash vector resolution in super- duper small files (~3K!!!). You must have Macromedia's Shockwave Flash plug-in installed in your browser to view these files.
In [&] Special.

July 1998

Added a new folder for Prentice, a new typeface based on the Irish insular minuscule hand.
In [H] Historical.

Activated first Demoware page, for a sampler font of the typefaces here on the Munchfonts website.
In [&] Special.

June 1998

Added a better (heh) portrait of the artist with his three heads, one sporting seiner neuen Brille.
In [&] Special.

May 1998

The MunchFonts web site has been redesigned for a more streamlined access interface, and to incorporate some recent changes in Frames implementation; but you will find no snazzy jazzy timeconsuming multimedia javascripted hype. Pure HTML for speedy loading and viewing.

Ah, perhaps it's a bit button-crazed, but really it works. Every page has access to all higher levels in the site hierarchy, even if you're not using Frames.

As for typefaces, there are new variations on several faces: Mage, Londinium, and, especially, Ergo.
GM Chancery Modern, a lively but readable italic-like face, here makes its debut in the headlines and buttons.
In [H] Historical and [T] Text.