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Here is a PDF listing of the various operations in the Customize... dialog of FontLab 4.6.1 v38 for Macintosh. Download this to begin customization of the FL user interface, particularly the keychord shortcuts, or simply to become familiar with the FL4.6 interface.

FontLab is enormously powerful, but some of its functions are obscure, or are buried in dialogs and menus or hidden contextual menus. With a listing of all the commands in all of FL's areas—glyph design, font metrics, hinting, etc. —learning to harness the power of FL will be faster and less confusing.

Now you can find out what that stray keypress just did to your type masterpiece.

FontLab Keychord Cheatsheet (64KB PDF)

A Munchfonts original, never before attempted by man or beast.