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Linotype Really, a winner in the 3rd International Typeface Contest for Linotype Library GmbH is a typeface family, of six weights with italics and small capitals, that offers a broad palette of expressions to draw from; sensibly light to brightly stentorian.

The moderate-to-strong contrast of the vertical to horizontal strokes recalls the Transitional and Modern styles of Baskerville and Bodoni, and the subtly obliqued axis of the stoke weight recalls the old-style faces of Caslon. A strong belt of sturdy serifs completes the Realist sensibility of a clear, readable, no-nonsense workhorse text face whose clean details yet offer the designer a high-impact display face.

Really is currently available in Latin.

The Cyrillic and Greek extensions are finished. They were chosen among fourteen other typeface designs as winners in the Type Directors Club's TDC2 Type Design Competition 2000, and were also selected in the ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) bukva:raz! international type design competition.

Linotype Library for Really Medium and Demibold.