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GM Prentice


Prentice is a historical face based on the Irish insular half-uncial and minuscule hand that was prevalent in the Isles and on the Continent in the centuries before the Carolingian Renascence. As such, Insular is the ancestor of Carolingian; then Gothic; then Humanist; then Italic. Some of the latter's aspects are here borrowed to make the script more accessible to modern eyes.

As an Irish or Celtic script, Prentice is a fine companion for GM Mage (q.v.), another Historical face here at munchfonts. Use Prentice as a notular script, as the monks who translated the Latin of the Bible into Anglo-Saxon did, or as a headline or short-text face on its own.

This first version of Prentice is moderized; an Antique version with the original shapes of d, f, g, r, z, etc. will follow.