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GM Medallion


Inspired by inscriptional letters on a small Renaissance medal by Alberti, this four-weight family has a sprightly feeling, something jazzy of the '30s ocean liner cruise (ah, Fred and Ginger) but very much today. It works best where a quietly chatty friendliness is needed; its modest x-height and generous ascenders and descenders project a warm and snug outlook.

Humanist Renaissance proportions are used in all of the glyphs. Majuscules are of varied width, and the minuscules are arcaded with a quick, asymmetrical branching to encourage forward eye motion. In keeping with the monolinear feel of the original medal, the letters use a monolinear stroke modified where necessary to ensure good printing color.

In addition to the roman text styles, there are corresponding italics for each weight of the family. The italics are being renovated to accord with the recent normalization of the roman's x-height, as are the matching Cyrillics. Availability of these faces is subject to work-time constraints.