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GM Mage


When March rolls around, everyone scurries to find a Celtic face--well, kiss this one, it's Irish. Freely interpreted from the beautiful writing in the Book of Kells and Lindisfarne Gospels, Mage makes Insular half-uncial readable for modern eyes with updated forms for abdfglrstyz (Cheeze, that's nearly half the alphabet!). But with the traditional forms and variations available at a key-stroke, documents can have that old-sod look instantly.

Mage is now in two style sets: Modern, for everyday Celtic reading; and Antique, for setting traditional Kells-like text.

The Mage family also includes a font with several Knot-work border parts, as well as many ornamental sorts --shamrock, of course; harp, thistle, and leek, and a rose too. Mage is in two weights, book and bold.

An Insular cursive, Prentice, has been developed as an "italic" to work as a notular script with the display Mage.