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GM Hieroglyphic


Back in the very old days, people wrote with pictures. Now Egyptian hieroglyphs are available in a trio of fonts: Regular for setting in non-kerning applications and in kerned Written and Solid (the characters are filled in) for use in page layout applications. Whichever font is used, the narrow letters can be stacked one over the other by using the Shift (capital) key to tuck the second letter under the first. This traditional Egyptian Hieroglyphic technique will give yet another touch of authenticity to your text.

The ideograms are some of the most beautiful of the thousands of possible glyphs; like the intertwined lotuses and papyrus reeds for both Upper and Lower Egypt, signs for gold and silver, Ankh for Life, a lute for Beauty (as in Nefer-titi). Look also for various people, occupations and recreations: builder, ruler, sing, dance, sleep, sail, swim, love, and others.

Full phonetic characters with ideograms make it easy to Write Like an Egyptian!