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HTML Hierarchies

Nested Directories (Outer)

There are three levels to this hierarchy: Outer, Inner, and Innermost.

To go down one level, add the folder name to the URL, before the file name (in these cases, the file name is index.html, for each folder.)

To go up one level, add dot-dot-slash (../) before the file name.

Three levels of a directory hierarchy: outerdirectory; inner and side; innermost

Outer (index.html)

This link is to this page

Inner (inner/index.html)

This link goes into the directory folder called inner and gets the file index.html from there.

Innermost (inner/innermost/index.html)

This link goes down through the directory folder inner then into the directory folder called innermost and gets another file called index.html there.

Side (side/index.html)

This link goes down one level into a directory folder called side to get its index.html file.