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GM Globe


Here's a text face in the Venetian/Aldine tradition (yes, the e has a slightly diagonal crossbar. Well ok it's really both --a dessert topping and a floor wax-- on top it's flat, as in a Garamond; below it's diagonal. An Aldimond.). The weight-stressing is definitely calligraphic, with thins at 23° from the vertical, and thicks at 23° from the horizontal. That's why it's called Globe: the inclination of the Earth's axis to the plane of revolution.

Not that Globe is revolutionary; no, it is consistent with the demands of readers for familiar shapes, spacing, and serifing. The letters are allowed a spaciousness in the capitals for distinctiveness in their widths; they accord with the traditional classes of capital widths of narrow, medium, and wide.

Spacing is snug (but not too tight) to give a solid word shape; lowercase ascenders are taller than the uppercase to maintain an even color over a page. Serifs are rather wide and luxurious, which helps the eye stay on the reading line.

The italics are only modestly obliqued, and therefore avoid the overlapping of letters in their spaces that can make some italics unpleasant to read. So, Globe italic is more readable than many other faces' italics.

Anywhere an unusual Antiqua might be used is a place to try out Globe.