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GM Clavier


Clavier is one of the first MunchFonts. It is a mix of the Grotesque San Serif and the Humanist Sans Serif; the proportions are evened-width; the apertures and terminals are open and reaching. There is also a touch of the Modern in the distribution of weight and stress, where the verticals are strong and the horizontals are thin; a characteristic that is carried over into the curves of letters also.

Clavier is also the ancestor of Ergo (q.v.) in that many of the refinements that make Ergo so successful were first attempted with Clavier. Now, following on Ergo, Clavier is undergoing a face-lift. Some problems with readability (!) and formal questions are being resolved by introducing slightly asymmetrical forms to provide a livelier and more restfully distinctive reading pattern, and ascenders are now shorter where before they could present an obstacle to the eye's movement. Weight is now slightly more old-style, with the stress distributed on a slightly more off-center axis.

In addition, particular attention is being paid to the rendering of the forms into TrueType on-screen. When it is ready, Clavier will be released as a WebFont.