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GM Chancery Modern


Chancery Modern represents a classical form in the modern idiom. Sleek and slender, with a large x-height for improved visibility, there is a handmade aspect to this face that recalls the casual script of a calligrapher. The Italic ductus of the minuscule lends an openness to the lettershapes, and gives a swinging rhythm to the words.

To accompany the minuscule, there is a second set of Majuscules, with several flourished forms. As always with ornamentation, the swashes need to be used with care and consideration for the overall appearance and readability of a text.

In an Extras font, there are several fleurons and border parts, of course; and several essential ligatures to accompany the fi and fl forms in the regular font: ffi, ffl, ff, and a unique fj -- and the traditional and rare ct, sp, st ligatures.

Rounding out the font family, there's a Bold weight for emphasis or headlines, and an Inline for heads and inscriptions.

Chancery Modern is a Judge's Pick in the 1998 -SERIF- Type Design Competition.