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MS Candara


Candara is a Microsoft exclusive, included in the Vista operating system as one of the ClearType fonts. ClearType uses the RGB stripes to further tune the crispness of image edges beyond the anti-aliasing typical of most displays.

As with all the ClearType designs, Candara features an extended WGL4 character set, with Greek, Latin, and Cyrillic in capital, lowercase, and small caps for all styles and scripts. The WGL4 set covers Western, Central, and Eastern European languages, as well as some African languages.

Candara has a gentle entasis in its stems, where the stems of all letters flair slightly at the ends of verticals. The effect is like that of lapidary designs that hint at serifs, but retain the simplicity of the san serif structure.

As an OpenType font family, Candara features automatic ligature sets and access to multiple styles of numerals (tabular, proportional, oldstyle and lining) as well as numerator, denominator, and scientific inferior subscripts. Small caps are available for all alphabetic characters in all three of the included scripts.

Candara is available exclusively from Microsoft. Further extentions of Candara into other languages (e.g., Vietnamese) are being performed by Ascender Corporation.